Online Fax Why, How and How Much?

Online Fax   Why, How and How Much?

Online companies can automate virtually everything. Sometimes it may be worthwhile to improve your customer service offer by adding a manual component. Depending on your niche, supplies or delivery options, you may be able to order your customers by fax. In my previous post I wrote about MOTO mail order phone orders. Add fax order to it.

A prerequisite for extending your fax order service is of course that you can receive faxes. There would be no thing to offer this service, otherwise I guess. Business can start at the expense of costs when you do not even know what to expect again.

There is nothing to worry about. Like everything else, you can automate and digitize everything. There is no need for a separate telephone line or a fax terminal. Quite a number of services offer an opportunity to receive and send the fax bottles email. Some of these services are even free. But free may not be suitable for your business. Ill be back to this in a moment.

When you offer to receive your customers orders by fax, you do not necessarily have to send a fax in response. But if you wanted, you do not need a separate fax terminal.

One solution is your word processor. Word Processor offers faxes as printer options. Simply connect the desktop or computer to the phone line, select fax as the printer and print. Thats all. If you can not access a phone line, you need a service that will help you send your fax by email.

You can receive fax in the same way The completely free solution is via the integrated fax terminal in the computer or carrier operating system. But it would unnecessarily occupy your phone line and tie you to your office.

It is much easier to use one of the many fax providers. Register, select a fax number and the rest is made by the service provider. You will receive the fax by e mail wherever you are. The only downside is that the fax will not arrive immediately. You must wait to arrive by email before you can read it.

The service varies quite a bit. is the largest and at the same time the cheapest and expensive supplier. Its the cheapest for you because you can get a free fax number from them. Usually they allocate a premium number a 0870 number in the UK which means that the faxer pays more than the standard fee. The service is useful for you if you want to receive single faxes, but it is not suitable for businesses. Do you want to pay a premium to order? The free fax number also limits the number of incoming faxes per month to about 20 or so and the number of pages per fax. A 50 page fax will cancel your fax number instantly. passes your faxes in a proprietary format. To read them, you must download and install a small 300 kb program on your computer. The fax quality is excellent.

Their Efax Plus service allows you to receive 130 incoming faxes per month for £ 7.50 in UK and also send 30 fax by e mail by yourself. Although this does not sound as much compared to the competition, it is actually quite expensive. charges 10 or £ 5 per month for 200 incoming and 100 outgoing faxes. In addition, they offer a free number US or free number UK at no additional cost. This is really extremely attractive because you can offer your customers a free fax order service that costs you almost nothing.

While and are international service providers, is based in Great Britain. For 2 kronor plus VAT per month, your customers can send as many orders by fax as they wish. You will receive your faxes as PDF attachments by e mail via your local fax number. You can also choose your fax number yourself. There are no additional charges for incoming faxes. Outgoing faxes also sent as attachments to your email are charged at 10.5p per page. The setting is fast. They claim 15 minutes. This service was the cheapest way I found that could help you offer customers the opportunity to order by fax while retaining your perfect professional image.

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